Regions: 11
Area covered: Great Britain
Time period: 2000 to 2022
Source: Road traffic statistics

The South East region had the highest traffic levels in 2022, with 51.6 billion vehicle miles driven on its roads. This was 16% of all traffic in 2022.

The South East has 12% of road length in Great Britain.

Estimated motor vehicle traffic

Time period: 2022
Source: Road traffic statistics
Metric: Billion vehicle miles (annually)
Regions Vehicle miles (billions)
South East 51.6
East of England 37.1
North West 35.1
South West 33.9
West Midlands 31.3
Scotland 29.2
East Midlands 28.9
Yorkshire and The Humber 27.3
London 19.1
Wales 18.2
North East 12.3

Estimated annual traffic across Great Britain

Time period: 1993 - 2022
Source: Road traffic statistics
Metric: Billion vehicle miles (annually)

Whilst historically significant, the long term trends can be misleading in most cases due to the extraordinary circumstances observed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Vehicle miles travelled in Great Britain have had year-on-year growth in each year between 2011 and 2019. Following a sharp decline in 2020, traffic levels in 2021 and 2022 increased, but 2022 levels still remain lower than the 2016 levels. Therefore, to say traffic has fallen since 2016 would misconstrue as the overall decrease is entirely due to the decline in traffic levels observed during the pandemic.

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