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This tool allows you to customise and download data on personal injury reported road accidents in Great Britain (Stats19). This tool does not include data for Northern Ireland. Since 2016, changes in severity reporting systems for a large number of police forces mean that serious injury figures, and to a lesser extent slight injury, are not comparable with earlier years. Adjusted figures are available for both accidents and casualties from 2004. More details on severity adjustments and changes in reporting systems can be found in the severity adjustments background notes and we welcome user feedback on them.

This tool includes data on road accidents reported to the police where at least one person is injured. There can be several people injured (casualties) in one accident. Please choose whether you require statistics on the number of accidents or the number of casualties:

e.g. the number of accidents by light conditions
e.g. the number of casualties by light conditions, or by gender and age

  • Latest available year: 2022
  • Last updated: 28 September 2023
  • Next update: September 2024

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